We Stopped the TPP

For more than five years, a progressive alliance throughout the country mobilized to expose the truth behind the corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and the serious consequences for working families and communities if it did take effect.

Thanks to the hard work of millions of Americans, it has become clear that the TPP does not have the votes in this session of Congress.

As Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director of the Citizens Trade Campaign, notes

“We knew a last-gasp attempt to pass the TPP might come post-election during the “Lame Duck” session of Congress, but we already had the votes lined up and were poised to defeat it should the administration dare bring it forward, regardless of whether Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or anyone else was elected to the White House.”

Read Stamoulis’ full account of the progressive movement that defeated the corporate push for the TPP at https://medium.com/@citizenstrade/no-trump-didnt-kill-the-tpp-progressives-did-884b534542d#.8zamj0y7a

This was a tremendous achievement, but the fight for fair trade is not over. We will be ready to take on any attempt to revive the TPP in the next Congress or advance other corporate-friendly trade pacts based on the same failed and outdated model of trade.