What is Fast Track Authority?

Fast Track authority for TPP means Congress will have to vote on the 2,000+ page trade deal as written with almost no debate and no ability to amend in an expedited process that could be as short as 60 days. Fast Track provides special rules and supersedes the normal congressional process by speeding everything up, not allowing any amendments and requiring only majority vote in the Senate instead of the usual super majority (60).

Members of Congress will be voting to give the TPP this expedited approval process without having actually read the TPP agreement! They will, in effect, be voting for the trade agreement before reading it.

Who Wants Fast Track?

Big corporations desperately want the TPP deal and the fastest way to get it is through Fast Track Authority. Corporations want TPP because it protects future profits by allowing them to challenge laws that could have an impact on their profits, like increases in the minimum wage or campaigns on the health risks of smoking. It would facilitate the export of jobs to low wage countries.

Many Members of Congress don’t support Fast Track and are standing with us to fight back. Democrats and Republicans have announced their opposition to the push for Fast Track authority and more are signing on every day.

Can Fast Track Be Stopped?

YES! We have stopped it before. In 1998, Fast Track was voted down in a bipartisan vote (171 Democrats and 71 Republicans). We can win this.

A coalition of 100 groups is working together – workers, people of faith, environmental activists, civil rights and community leaders, women, student groups and more – to stop Fast Track and TPP.