Rev. Barber: We need a voice: Oppose ‘fast track’ for the TPP

In an op-ed written to The Hill, North Carolina NAACP State Conference President Rev. Dr. William Barber II details the dangers of fast tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership for North Carolinians and American workers.

He said fast-tracking the TPP represents more of the failed framework of NAFTA and CAFTA and that does more for the wealthiest in this country while leaving our communities devastated.

North Carolina…lost tens of thousands of jobs because of past trade deals that were fast tracked through Congress,” Rev. Barber said.

He also highlighted the secret negotiations in which TPP details are being discussed.

“Hundreds of corporate lobbyists got access to the TPP negotiating texts. But ordinary working people have been excluded from the process. Even members of Congress are severely limited in their ability to review the deal’s details; they can’t even take their staff to review them.”

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